Innovation in R&D


Innovation in R&D


We pride ourselves on breakthrough, innovative products that reframe the world of medicine to bring you effective biomedical remedies unlike any other.

SIGMOLECS® Technology is the New Era of Medicine

SIGMOLECS® Technology was conceived and engineered by Dr JO Serrentino Bio
Exclusively for Contrad Swiss.

SIGMOLECS® Technology is an advanced chemical profiling through structural assembling of key molecules, mostly proteins and peptides, that form actuated molecules by specifically:

•   Improving their bio-activity in solution and in vivo.
•   Increasing their transmembrane penetration.
•   Creating precise specificity of action, particularly in intracellular signaling.

The result is like a program code of the cells, deploying them to organize into specific patterns. SIGMOLECS® talks to the cells in their language.

The following AUDIO FILE is an excerpt from a conference with Dr Serrentino as she talks about this adaptive medicine technology.

Question: "SIGMOLECS® technology is based on what you call adaptive medicine, can you explain?"

SIGMOLECS® Technology in Aesthetic Medicine
ACTV8SKN® - Skin Line

ACTV8SKN® contains SIGMOLECS® components that increase its affinity for human skin and instill specific biological action on skin cells. Smart products that have phasic action; layers of biological activity.

1 Programs specific biological action for regenerative pathways

2 Targets specific cell lines and their subcellular environment

3 Affords bioavailable delivery of rejuvenating components

These phases act on the skin to manifest the following tissue regenerating processes by:

  1. Increasing the surface area of new skin cells, which manifests as smoother brighter skin with added firmness and elasticity.
  2. Sustaining and nourishing the skin's substructure to build good collagen and elastin to strengthen and renew the foundation matrix.
  3. Restoring and adjusting the moisture barrier to provide more protection from environmental stresses; this clarifies, softens and moisturizes skin for an overall smooth complexion.
  4. Identifies areas in need of repair and effectively delivers bioavailable components and programing. This contributes real-time regenerative power to restore a youthful glow to the skin.

SIGMOLECS® Technology for Optimum Joint and Soft Tissue Wellness
AI500, ST500 and CR500 Monodoses

Self-penetrating gel imbued with SIGMOLECS® Technology to reach deep tissue, working in situ, by simple topical administration of a sticky patch for maximum effectiveness. Currently used in selected Sports Medicine Clinics.

The 500 Line contains SIGMOLECS® Technology in that it designs scaled molecules that can easily penetrate the skin and enter deep tissue.

The shorter the AA sequence, the better the penetration, so molecules are fashioned according to sequences that are 'skin friendly' and can facilitate navigation through cell membranes. The basic gel amalgam provides structural molecules conducive to crossing skin and cell barriers, and in this sense, is a completely functional product that is both a carrier and a therapeutic gel.