Innovation in R&D


Innovation in R&D


We pride ourselves on breakthrough, innovative products that reframe the world of medicine to bring you effective bio-medical remedies unlike any other.

SIGMOLECS Technology

We work with Dr. JO Serrentino, a Canadian scientist with over 33 years of experience. Bio
As our Research and Development Counsel, Dr. JO forges the development of our avant-garde pharmaceutical and cosmetic products using her pioneering technology: SIGMOLECS.

SIGMOLECS uses signalling molecules to summon and target biological pathways to repair, for precise programming at the cellular level. These signaling molecules occur naturally in plants and animals and are characterized by specific amino acid sequences that signal each phase of growth and every physiological function. Our technology synthesizes and purifies these naturally-occurring molecules with the sequences that occur at each of the natural phases, in order to duplicate their biological action. The result is like a program code for the cells; deploying them to organize into specific patterns that can repair and renew tissue.

It is basically like writing a program for the cells of the body. SIGMOLECS talks to the cells in their language.

The following AUDIO FILE is an excerpt from a conference with Dr Serrentino as she talks about this adaptive medicine technology.

Question: "SIGMOLECS technology is based on what you call adaptive medicine, can you explain?"

Product line

ACTV8SKN, Skin Actuator

ACTV8SKN contains SIGMOLECS components that increase its affinity for human skin and instill specific biological action on skin cells. A smart product that has phasic action; layers of biological activity. Each level of the formula provides the skin with the most advanced restorative properties.

1 Programs specific biological action for regenerative pathways

2 Targets specific cell lines and their subcellular environment

3 Affords bioavailable delivery of rejuvenating components

These phases act on the skin to manifest the following tissue regenerating processes by:

  1. Increasing the surface area of new skin cells, which manifests as smoother brighter skin with added firmness and elasticity, thereby smoothing wrinkles and craping skin.
  2. Sustaining and nourishing the skin's substructure to build good collagen and elastin to strengthen and renew the foundation matrix. Restoring and adjusting the moisture barrier to provide more protection from environmental stresses; this clarifies, softens and moisturizes skin for an overall smooth complexion.
  3. Identifies areas in need of repair and effectively delivers bioavailable components and programing. This contributes real-time regenerative power to restore a youthful glow to the skin.


Self-penetrating patches imbued with SIGMOLECS technology to reach deep tissue by simple topical administration of a sticky pad.
Each patch signals joint wellness by engaging restorative codes that target the connective tissue and its matrix at specific points, where SIGMOLECS technology can regulate the soft tissue by counteracting inflammatory and destructive cytokines, restoring homeostasis; the natural balance of the subcellular environment.

SIGMOLECS patches cover three degrees of action:

  1. The P3 Pain Reliever Aid patch acts like a sentry at the subcellular level of the connective tissue matrix to prevent inflammatory responses, making inflammatory components retreat to quell swelling and pain. It eases discomfort associated with inflammation of joints, tendons and nerves.
  2. The Moderate Pain Reliever Aid patch programs the connective tissue to restorative codes to maintain optimum joint health and support. For the temporary relief of moderate aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with Osteoarthritis.
  3. The Xtra Strength Patch revs up connective tissue wellness by initiating codes that fuel higher level pathways to engage regenerative sequences in cell lines and tissue types. Relieves aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, knee pain, connective tissue inflammation, strains and stiffness.

SIGMOLECSpatches can be used in conjunction with prescription medicine, orthopaedic treatment, or physiotherapy.