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An international young and dynamic team means different experiences and point of views to develop new products, ideas and market approaches. We think different! We offer innovative products with a fresh modern approach, substantiated by scientific support and marketing material for a high-end turn-key market share.

Maria Labunskaya,

Known as a motivational and influential team leader showcasing a deep knowledge of Pharma industry with more than a decade of proven experience. Responsible for running all facets of the business. Out-of-the-box, analytical thinker, curious innovator developing long-term strategies and operations execution plans, valued for strong negotiation skills, accountable to the success of the team, the satisfaction of the partners, and, ultimately the growth of Contrad business.

"Dream big, always!"
We think different
New products
New ideas
New market approaches
Alexander Vashkevich
Supply Chain Manager

Reliable, loyal and accurate with a proven distribution and logistics management track record. Over 6 years of experience showcasing successful skills for planning supplies, transportation and stock-replenishment. Good knowledge of GDP and other relevant standards. Open, responsible and environment-friendly, always oriented on finding room for optimisation and delivering excellent results in tight timelines.

"Desire gives you a thousand opportunities, reluctance - a thousand reasons."
Carmen Gerardi
Marketing Director

Dynamic. Multilingual. More than ten years of success in international sales, marketing, and key account management for global corporations. Deep experience in the Pharma industry, driving sales force effectiveness, product management, business operations while providing executive leadership. Able to record increases in productivity and profitability by responding to constant change and movement in the industry.

"If there is no way, we'll make one"
Marco Suigo
Finance and Supply Chain Director

Happy to call himself a “life enthusiast”, rational, reliable and strongly committed to achieve his goals, with over 5 years’ experience as auditor, he obtained his license as an Italian tax expert in 2011. After 7 years as manager for sourcing and logistics at the first independent Pan-European group of diagnostic imaging services in integrated healthcare services, he has further increased his expertise in international projects to build the facility network and provide efficient Europe-wide service. In addition he also created a dedicated operational IT management system. He is responsible for overseeing and managing Contrad’s overall supply chain & logistics strategy and operations. He's also responsible for finance, budgeting & controlling activities.

"Behind every problem there is an opportunity."
Viola Teppati
General Counsel

Strong-willed, dynamic, resourceful. Deep experience as director of legal and corporate affairs for start-ups and middle-size companies and a brand ambassador for our corporate portfolio. Strategic advisor for corporations with a business-oriented approach, aimed to preserve the corporate interests. Focused on the end results, valued for her directness and problem-solving attitude. Nearly 20 years of experience in an eclectic mix of different sectors, such as shipping and tourism, international trading, high technology services, business consultancy.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain"
Francesco Fogato
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Keen observer, ambitious, virtuous team player and hard worker. Successfully admitted to the bar in 2017 as attorney, with over 4 years' experience in legal and corporate affairs, he is deeply committed to the protection of corporate legal rights and interests. Responsible for ensuring the compliance of the corporate product portfolio to applicable regulations, he provides regulatory guidance and implements regulatory policies and procedures.

"You don't need a reason to help people"
Camillo Massara
Financial Controller

Passionate about accounting. Well-known for his focus on accuracy and extreme attention to details. 25+ years of experience in accounting and finance control in international companies in different industries: fashion, automotive, steel trade. Deep knowledge of bookkeeping and controlling procedures. Constantly undertaking all aspects of financial management assuring efficiency and precision.

"The devil is in the details"
Barbara Ferrazzi

Very experienced in commercial and organizational field. Multilingual. Positive. Strong sense of duty, reliable, precise and punctual. Good interpersonal skills, strong, passionate and always there for the team.

"As you sow, so shall you reap"
Stefano Tomaso Benassi
E-commerce Manager

A team leader or a team player, it depends! Very flexible, resourceful and dynamic. Customer focused, well-organized and detailed oriented.A quick learner, computer skilled with abilities in different professional segments and a comprehensive view of projects.
His advanced use of new technologies and his e-commerce wide expertise made him a wizard of e-commerce business, working as such since 2000.

"Give me a database to work with and I will solve the world"


Rossella Molteni
Head of Executive & Administrative Dept

Keen on foreign languages, Italian native speaker & fluent in English, now learning the 6th one: Russian. Specialized in External/Internal Communication, wide experience in organizing Special Events. Worth mentioning the 2012 Trade Finance Global Meeting, involving over 50 managers from all over the world. A fearless problem solver creatively solving challenges to meet her goals.

"Memento Audere Semper"
Neil Fisher
Medical Science Liaison

A passionate researcher, attentive to details, always looking ahead and beyond. With over 10 years’ experience in basic and translational biomedical research with focus on regenerative medicine, stem cell therapies, and cancer biology, he obtained his PhD in Life and Biomolecular Sciences in 2015 in Italy, after studying the role of microRNAs in the response of breast cancer cells to treatment with all-trans retinoic acid and the small molecule Lapatinib. In addition to a post-doctoral position at the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute and two years’ research at the Basel University Hospital, Switzerland, on rare NUP98-KMT2A fusion leukemia, he has published 3 original research articles, several reviews and a book chapter. He is Contrad’s key scientific resource within the medical community.

“Nullius in Verba”
Claudio Carminati
Commercial Director

Strong motivational team leader devoted to sales. Appreciated for his diplomacy, dynamic style, and excellent negotiation skills. His passion for sales has resulted in a 25-year record of success, both internationally and locally. His experience in key account management has showcased considerable growth in European and emerging markets. Throughout his extensive experience as a Commercial Director, he has developed a methodical approach focusing his attention on the details- the key to achieving a goal. In addition, he is an elite sportsman who enjoyed practising sports at a professional level.

"Your focus determines your future"
Giulia Clerici

More than five years of experience in a deadline-oriented, fast-paced companies as secretary and assistant. Proven clear thinker, well-organized and detail oriented. Works well with a team, multitasks with a high level of positive energy. Motivated, reliable and ready to learn new skills.

"Never a failure, always a lesson"
Photo by Enrico Labriola

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