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Our Products

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Products Overview

Aware of our social and ethical responsibility, we work every day to put our knowledge and skills at people service. With our products, we want to contribute to finding solutions to some of your needs in terms of wellness and lifestyle.

High Science

To say that our products are innovative is an understatement. We are trailblazers in finding and developing products that are on the leading-edge of technology. Whether it be an OTC or a medical device, a cosmetic, or a supplement, our products are braced by high science. Every product is backed by published scientific proof and validated in clinic by medical practitioners and specialists. We develop premium products from advanced research in anti-aging techniques based on the latest technology and clinical protocols. Our formulations target the body's regenerative pathways, providing you with authentic renaissance products that program body mechanisms, cells and tissue towards renewal and optimum wellness.

SIGMOLECS® Technology in Aesthetic Medicine

SIGMOLECS ACTV8SKN aesthetic medicine

ACTV8SKN® Skin Line contains the exclusive SIGMOLECS® Technology.

ACTV8SKN® Actuator is an odorless fluid gel of peptide-bonded amino acids, specifically engineered for a complete signaling spectrum that awakens cell cycles of the skin. It can be used in clinic to enhance procedures or dispensed to patients as a follow up take-home product.
Easy to use, a few drops of the actuator to cleansed face. The fluid gel will absorb as soon as it is spread.

ACTV8SKN® Eye Contour is a highly hydrating serum. It restores tone and color to the under eye. It soothes congested tissue and fades dark circles under and around the eyes. Applied as needed, it helps refreshing the delicate skin around the eyes.

ACTV8SKN® Lip Volumizer is a plumping lip cream that gives immediate results. Its formula contains hydrolyzed collagen, oligopeptides and hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration, softness and a full volume effect. It does not contain irritants.

P3 AI and P3 RG a pain management line of products for optimum joint and soft tissue wellness

P3 AI - P3 RG sigmolecs

P3 - Usage Guide video

P3 AI Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Nociceptive Monodose Gel

The raw material used to design the therapeutic SIGMOLECS® P3 AI gel is soybean protein. This plant contains several small proteins that are already anti-inflammatory in nature, but more importantly, they are conducive to structural modification.
SIGMOLECS® uses Soybean proteins intrinsic anti-inflammatory signals to encode the sequence specific to anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive pathways.

P3 RG Regenerative Monodose Gel

The raw material used to design the therapeutic SIGMOLECS® P3 RG gel is sus collagen. The peptides extracted from this source, naturally induce signals to promoter regions for glycosaminoglycan synthesis in the connective tissue matrix.
sus collagen peptides are structured cleaner than other types of collagen. This allows for a larger spectrum of sequencing for specific therapeutic action; especially for sequences that mimic growth factor signaling.

ZAZZ designed to improve overall brain function to give you better alertness, clarity, and energy

Zazz Brain Nutrient
 ZAZZ is a dietary supplement that contains clinically studied ingredients designed to optimize your mental performance by enhancing memory retention and giving you an all-day razor-sharp focus. The product is conceived to deliver an overall feeling of wellbeing in body and mind, more energy and alertness, ease and flow of movement and brain function.
The product should produce a significant sense of wellbeing, in terms of feeling better, within a few days of use. Overall, a feeling of brighter invigorated mind and body should be evident within the first month of use.
In short, ZAZZ will:

•    Improve Mental Acuity
•    Increase Memory & Concentration
•    Optimize Brain Function & Health
•    Assist in Achieving Optimal Sleep
•    Promote Cognitive Recharge and Recovery
•    Help Managing Stress

ZAZZ is Caffeine Free

Quality and Integrity Policy

Duly authorized by Swissmedic to distribute and export medicinal products, we have developed a Quality Management System in line with the international requirements for Good Distribution Practice, to guarantee product traceability throughout the entire supply chain and more.

Contrad Swiss has in place internal procedures to facilitate continuous improvement, as declared in the Quality Manual.

Aware of our social and ethical responsibility, we ensure the quality of our medical products, supported by a Quality System in place to satisfy all applicable regulatory requirements.

We are devoted to improving people's life; their wellness and safety are at the base of everything we do. Our mission is a sustainable business to ensure the long-term success of our employees and shareholders, with respect and integrity.
We aspire to be better people and so, greater professionals. We support and encourage ethical behaviours and we believe in equality for all.

Pursuing the above goals, Contrad Swiss wants to establish a company strongly focused on the safety and quality of medical products and services. Our objectives and values are communicated to all employees in a transparency and collaboration vision.