Photo by Enrico Labriola

P3 AI and P3 RG a pain management line of products for optimum joint and soft tissue wellness


Engineered by Dr JO Serrentino for Contrad Swiss.

At the cellular level, the pathophysiological processes are integrated by intracellular signaling that induces regenerative and repair pathways.

The P3 monodoses use SIGMOLECS® Technology to combine specific peptides to deliver these signals. This is the basis behind the SIGMOLECS® Technology of actuated molecules. The monodose delivers the peptides to the extracellular matrix through a proprietary skin-conditioning gel that enables transdermal insertion.

SIGMOLECS® molecules are configured and assembled to mirror highly specific intracellular signaling factors.

P3 AI Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Nociceptive Monodose Gel

SIGMOLECS P3 AI Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Nociceptive Monodose Gel

The raw material used to design the therapeutic SIGMOLECS® P3 AI gel is soybean protein. This plant contains several small proteins that are already anti-inflammatory in nature, but more importantly, they are conducive to structural modification.
SIGMOLECS® uses Soybean proteins intrinsic anti-inflammatory signals to encode the sequence specific to anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive pathways.

P3 RG Regenerative Monodose Gel

SIGMOLECS P3 RG Regenerative Monodose Gel

The raw material used to design the therapeutic SIGMOLECS® P3 RG gel is sus collagen. The peptides extracted from this source, naturally induce signals to promoter regions for glycosaminoglycan synthesis in the connective tissue matrix.
Sus collagen peptides are structured cleaner than other types of collagen. This allows for a larger spectrum of sequencing for specific therapeutic action; especially for sequences that mimic growth factor signaling.

P3 OA Pain Relief Monodose Gel

SIGMOLECS P3 OA Pain Relief Monodose Gel

The raw material used to design the therapeutic SIGMOLECS® P3 OA gel is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Amino acid combinations and peptide structures taken from Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract are used to compound a formulation that contributes actives able to relieve osteoarthritis pain in several ways.
Optimizing cartilage and glycosaminoglycan expression within the joint provides a regenerative measure for osteoarthritic joints by applying needed substances directly to the area of degeneration. The P3OA monodose is a vehicle that delivers these regenerative components in situ. The P3 OA monodose bodes well with all clinical regenerative techniques such as stem cell therapy and even physiotherapy, by releasing peptides to strengthen joints and their surrounding connective tissue.

P3 - Usage Guide video

Correct positioning of the product is crucial for its therapeutic function, as the product acts in-situ. For maximum efficacy, it is strongly suggested that the monodoses be applied exactly as shown in the video